About Me!

Hi! My name’s Ally Wheeler, and I’m a 14 year old girl. At age 11, my mom found a blog called 100 Days of Real Food on her Facebook page. She showed me a picture of one of the school lunches they made, which made me curious what the blog was about. I wanted to pack a lunch like that for school instead of my regular sandwich. So, I decided to read more posts on that blog to learn about their story.

By reading the blog, I learned about what real food is: unprocessed, whole, local food with five ingredients or less. Though most kids may not be interested in this, I thought it was very fascinating, so I began creating some of my own recipes. I decided to a full school year without buying one lunch, drink, snack, or dessert at school- and I haven’t since! Everyday, I pack a healthier lunch for school, and I have found that in my case it is actually pretty fun! If a kid can go multiple school years eating healthy, real food lunches, anyone can!

I created this blog December 2013 (formerly “Lunch Bunches” found at http://www.lunchbunches.wordpress.com) to share all of the lunch ideas I come up with. I hope to inspire other kids to pack healthy, real food lunches instead of buying processed school lunches. In this world today, unhealthy food is in practically everything we eat- even in the so-called “healthy options” we see at the grocery store! Read on for awesome recipes and tips, and please follow my blog for some cooking inspiration! 🙂


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