About Me

Hey foodies! My name’s Ally Wheeler, and I’m a 15 year old girl on a mission to help other people learn to cook and enjoy real food. When I was 11, I became inspired by a nutrition blog I saw to get into the kitchen and start packing more creative lunches for school. After seeing pictures of the delicious lunches these bloggers were packing, I decided to try my hand at recreating them, which led to me learning all about real food!

After looking into many different blogs that showcased fun, nutritious recipes, something clicked and I started to come up with many of my own creations. Though most young kids may not have had this interest, I thought it was very fascinating and began writing out my recipes. Eventually,  this led to the creation of my own blog and the start of my passion for real food.

I created this blog in December 2013 (formerly “Lunch Bunches” found at http://www.lunchbunches.wordpress.com) to share all of the lunch ideas I come up with. With this website, I hope to inspire others to not only choose to pack healthier lunches but also to lead an overall healthier lifestyle. Today, processed food is in practically everything we eat, but with a little inspiration and some delicious recipes, we can start a real food revolution.  🙂


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