A Thank You to Lisa Leake!

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday I had the very special opportunity to meet my idol and inspiration for cooking and creating my blog- Lisa Leake from 100 Days of Real Food! It was incredibly generous of her to take the time to meet up with my family, especially while she was on vacation!

For those of you who have not read Lisa’s blog, 100 Days of Real Food, I would highly recommend you check it out! She posts tons of recipes I live by, and has great advice for people looking to cut out processed food. In 2010, her family went 100 days eating only food following the real food rules, which is an incredible accomplishment! 

Thanks again to Lisa Leake and her family- it was an amazing day I will never forget! She is my inspiration for my passion, and a big role model for me. Please visit her blog at 100daysofrealfood.com, and check out all of her awesome ideas! 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Thank You to Lisa Leake!

  1. Hi Ally!

    I saw Lisa’s instagram about meeting you and I am so impressed by you! It is hard for me, at 22, to get this blog thing off the ground and here you are with so much experience, drive, and passion. Congrats on getting to meet Lisa, you must have been so excited! She is awesome. But now that I’m at your blog and checking it out, I see that you’re doing awesome things too! Way to go and keep it up!


    1. Hi Maggie! Glad to know you enjoyed my blog- please subscribe for weekly updates! I was very fortunate to meet her and she was incredibly generous- one of the most incredible days ever!


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