How to Have a Healthy (or at least healthier) Holiday Season

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m posting some tips for the holiday season. As you know, the holidays are filled with parties and celebrations, which most of the time consist of sugary, processed food and artificially-made treats. Though it is hard to believe, there are many ways you can stay healthy throughout the holiday season. Read on for my tips in staying healthy this time of year, and happy holidays!


  • Stock your house with real, organic food- Because you are consuming so much sugar at parties and away from home, try to keep only real food in your pantry. By eating healthy, organic, and local foods most of the time, your body will be able to balance out the processed treats.
  • Pick one treat at parties- At holiday celebrations, there are typically a wide variety of dishes. Stick to one treat at the party, instead of sampling all of them. This way, you can enjoy a sweet dessert, while limiting your intake of processed food.
  • Offer to host the gift exchanging or family party- By hosting the joyful celebration, you have the chance to prepare a real food meal for your guests. Everyone will have the opportunity to taste-test your creations, and by making all of the food you will know what you (and your guests) are eating. No worries about suspicious ingredients here- you are making it yourself! Added bonus: your guests might not even notice they are enjoying such a wholesome, healthy dish.
  • Create fun (and healthy) holiday traditions- Each year, my family has holiday traditions we enjoy. Admittedly, some of them are not quite considered to be good for you, but this year I’d like to start another (healthier!) tradition. It’s very important to keep old traditions, which are equally as fun, but adding a new annual activity (think of a yearly Christmas walk/run or a family smoothie-making breakfast) is also great.
  • Don’t “forbid” treats- By forbidding sugar and all things sweet, most people (especially kids) want it even more. Instead, follow the one-treat rule (as mentioned above) or just talk about the importance of healthy eating. When a certain food is forbidden, chances are it will be eaten more often than if it wasn’t foridden.


Have a happy, healthy holiday! 🙂

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