5 Tips and Tricks for Eating Real Food on the Road

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m posting some tips and tricks for traveling as a foodie. This summer, I traveled cross-country with my family for two weeks. What we saw each day was incredible, an amazing experience I’ll never forget! From the Grand Canyon to Moab, Mount Rushmore to Niagara Falls, everyone should experience this trip in their lifetime.

As far as the food aspect of the trip goes, we found a lot of real food options along the way, but in some areas more than others. I have to say, my family was extremely considerate of my preference for real food! Some places we stayed didn’t have a lot of healthy options, but others (such as Boulder, CO and Moab, UT) had real food options at nearly every restaurant. Read on to my tips below for how we ate mostly real food on our road trip.

  1. Pack some food for the trip in advance.

Before we left for our road trip, we packed some food for snacks and simple healthy meals. We brought some Larabars and other real food snack bars, good whole grain bread, 1-ingredient nut butter, some applesauce packets, whole grain crackers, and some fruit, veggies, and cheese sticks/circles in the cooler. These items were great for days where the breakfast offered at our hotel buffet wasn’t ideal, and also for quick and easy lunches in the car.

2. Try out the local restaurants in the area.

Typically, we would make our own breakfast or lunch in the car, and for dinner we would go out at a local restaurtant in the area we stayed in. Unfamiliar, local restaurants/ breweries (my parents liked those) normally have farm to table food with simpler ingredients.

3. Order simple, plain items off of the menu at chain restaurants. 

At chain restaurants (think Cracker Barrel, Applebees) order a variety plain, side items and supplement a snack you brought if necessary. We personally didn’t eat at a lot of chain restaurants on our trip (if we even did at all), but sometimes it is the only option.

4. Stop at health food stores along the way.

On our trip, we found a few stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes, especially in some areas. These stores, of course, offer a lot of real food options, so they were great to stop at, AND some even serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner, like Whole Foods. As you can see, the smoothie bar at Whole Foods (this one was in Colorado) is a great place for breakfast!


5. Be flexible, and enjoy your trip!

Overall, the best idea is to be flexible on your vacation. If you eat real food at home, it is okay to have an occasional treat! And, after all, it is important to enjoy the experience of your vacation!

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