A 10 Days of Real Food Pledge

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m posting a review of a challenge I completed earlier this month. As I have mentioned before, one of my favorite blogs that I frequently check is 100 Days of Real Food. They offer great information about real food and what it is, how you can avoid the processed food, and some great recipes to make following the “Real Food Rules”, which are the following:

veg-board-with-real-food-rules1.jpg (590×1004)

Yes, this means all packaged foods must have just 5 ingredients or less, you cannot have low-fat or light products, and no sugar or refined (white, a.k.a “wheat” without the word whole in front) flour is allowed. In 2010, Lisa Leake, the blogger at 100 Days of Real Food, and her family decided to go 100 days following these rules. As an average family, they went over 3 months without any sugar, candy, white bread, or fast foods!

After the pledge, a 10 day version was created for people to experience the challenge of finding real food in a world filled with processed foods. For a long time, I have wanted to try this mini pledge out for myself and see how difficult it is. And, as I expected, it was challenging, but I finished it without breaking any rules. So, I planned out a date that I would start (June 1st) and asked my mom to help me find some ingredients at local shops in my area. Then, I started the challenge and stuck with it, even when it was difficult (for example, my school was served popsicles as a special treat on field day). By the end of the pledge, I was happy to have more flexibility, but I ended up learning a lot by trying the challenge on my own. Even before the pledge I ate mostly real food, but during the pledge I ended up feeling more energized and I was full longer after breakfast.

All in all, the pledge was an awesome experience. It is one thing to learn and read about other people’s real food challenges, but it is another to try it for yourself. If you’re up for a challenge, I recommend trying this pledge.

Happy Summer! 🙂