5 Ways You Can Motivate Friends and Family to Eat More Real Food

Today I’m sharing some ways you can motivate friends and family members to eat more local, organic, unprocessed snacks and meals. For some foodies like me, it is difficult to watch your friends and family eat processed snacks and meals (and offer you some!). For example, my younger brother, Liam, age 10, used to love Goldfish crackers and Capri-Sun Juices. It was hard to watch him eat these snacks after I learned what was in them and how they affected kids like us, so I instead made some really delicious and appealing snacks with some extra for Liam. For example, the recipe for Peanut Chocolate Protein Power Dip, Peach Mango Delight Smoothies, and No-Bake Peanut Butter Bites.  He tried the recipes I made and ended up loving them, so he became very willing to try my “real food creations”. Now, when I make green smoothies he actually asks for more spinach. So, here are some ways you can make an impact on your friends and family’s typical diet.

  1. Invite Friends Over for a Barbecue or other Dinner- When my family invites our friends over for dinner, it is a great chance to try out new recipes and prepare favorites. What’s a better way to encourage friends and family to eat real food than to make some for them yourself? Try fun recipes such as Homemade Whole-Wheat Pizza that people can create themselves with their favorite toppings.
  2. Give Relatives a Cookbook as a Gift- Share your favorite recipes with a make-it-yourself cookbook or purchase another cookbook. Some of my favorites are 100 Days of Real Food, Weelicious, Deliciously Organic, and The Blender Girl.
  3. Bring Snacks to Share at School/Work- Homemade granola bars and whole-wheat muffins are great options. It is also really fun to offer a “Yogurt Bar” with plain yogurt, honey, fruit, nuts, etc.
  4. Bring Creative and Fun-Looking Lunches to School- As simple as it is, the lunches I bring to school (such as Sandwich Sushi) often get questioned. “Why would you make that for lunch?” and “That looks cool,” often leads to an explanation of some of my favorite creative recipes.
  5. Set a Good Example at Parties and Events- This is also a simple one. At parties and celebrations, try your best to eat real food (food with five ingredients or less that is made without sugar and refined wheat- mainly fruits and veggies). Others will see what you are choosing for a snack and make healthier choices.

I hope these tips were helpful to you as you motivate friends and family members to eat real food! 🙂

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