“Green” Recipes for Saint Patrick’s Day

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m posting a few of my favorite recipes in spirit of St. Patrick’s Day- they don’t have any artificial green dye and they are excellent for you! Many people make green cookies (with food dye) or green cupcakes (with food dye), so as a substitute, try these deliciously healthy recipes! Enjoy, and please comment your favorite additional holiday “green” recipes!

1. Leprechaun Pancakes: Blend spinach and water until smooth and add about 1-2 tablespoons to your pancake batter (preferably whole wheat). Your pancakes will be perfectly green! 🙂

2. Green Smoothies- Try my recipe for Peach Mango Delight or make your own recipe following this formula: 1 part spinach to 2 parts fruit. It’s the perfect holiday for experimenting with green smoothie recipes!

Green+Smoothie2.jpg (640×500)

3. Lucky Leafy Wraps- Use a whole-wheat spinach tortilla to make this delicious (and festive) wrap. Spread 1 tablespoon organic homemade or store-bought hummus evenly on your tortilla. Next, layer spinach leaves, cucumber, and fresh mozzarella cheese in your wrap. Roll it up tightly and cut evenly- you can include green holiday toothpicks if you’d like!

4. Great Green Veggie Cups- A super simple idea- slice up green vegetables such as cucumber, broccoli, green pepper, or celery and serve with hummus or other dip of your choice.

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