A Great Healthy-Eating Initiative- “Let’s Move” Campaign

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m posting a link and review of a great and extremely helpful health initiative called “Let’s Move”. “Let’s Move” is a campaign that promotes healthy eating and exercise for kids, and it was launched by the First Lady. I think this campaign is an awesome way to get the word out to kids about how to eat healthy and why it’s important.

Let’s Move also has several programs for kids, schools, and families that support healthy habits such as the school salad bar fund, the Kids’ State Dinner Challenge, and the “Chefs Move to Schools” program. Each of their programs were created to support kids trying to create healthy habits. I personally have entered the Kids’ State Dinner Challenge, and it was a very fun opportunity to create my own unique, healthy dish. This program is one of my favorites because it specifically encourages kids to cook healthy recipes on their own.

So, check out this blog and initiative! “Let Move” will definitely empower and inspire reluctant mini foodies to create healthy eating habits. The link is found at:


“Green” Recipes for Saint Patrick’s Day

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m posting a few of my favorite recipes in spirit of St. Patrick’s Day- they don’t have any artificial green dye and they are excellent for you! Many people make green cookies (with food dye) or green cupcakes (with food dye), so as a substitute, try these deliciously healthy recipes! Enjoy, and please comment your favorite additional holiday “green” recipes!

1. Leprechaun Pancakes: Blend spinach and water until smooth and add about 1-2 tablespoons to your pancake batter (preferably whole wheat). Your pancakes will be perfectly green! 🙂

2. Green Smoothies- Try my recipe for Peach Mango Delight or make your own recipe following this formula: 1 part spinach to 2 parts fruit. It’s the perfect holiday for experimenting with green smoothie recipes!

Green+Smoothie2.jpg (640×500)

3. Lucky Leafy Wraps- Use a whole-wheat spinach tortilla to make this delicious (and festive) wrap. Spread 1 tablespoon organic homemade or store-bought hummus evenly on your tortilla. Next, layer spinach leaves, cucumber, and fresh mozzarella cheese in your wrap. Roll it up tightly and cut evenly- you can include green holiday toothpicks if you’d like!

4. Great Green Veggie Cups- A super simple idea- slice up green vegetables such as cucumber, broccoli, green pepper, or celery and serve with hummus or other dip of your choice.